Pilates for seniors

“I breathe better, I sleep better.  I am just healthier all the way around’. 

Many older people exercise because the doctor has advised it.  At Surrey Active Pilates we aim to make the classes motivational and fun!  Whilst being effective!   

Our Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles.  Strengthen bones and improve posture – a must for anyone with osteoporosis or osteopenia. 

 Our Pilates classes will;

  • improve posture enabling you to walk, sit and stand taller
  • improve your muscular strength, tone and endurance
  • improve your suppleness and joint mobility
  • improve your concentration, coordination and balance
  • improve your abdominal strength

We also offer Vertical Pilates classes.  

This is a Pilates class where you do not need to get down to the floor. All exercises are performed either seated or standing. This is a very functional way to exercise as we need to be strong and supple to sit and stand!