Course Information

There are many benefits of attending Pilates classes at Surrey Active Pilates. We offer classes at different levels which means that you can progress at your own pace; Class numbers are limited allowing for individual correction resulting in better performance which enables you to understand the exercises;  You will be made to feel at ease in a fun and non-competitive environment;

There is the option of 1:1 tuition in the comfort of your own home where exercises will be tailored to meet your own individual needs. We have classes to suit everyone. Everyone needs to complete a beginners six week course, a 2 hour workshop or at least two 1:1 sessions.  This is vital to ensure that you get the most out of your Pilates sessions.

You would then move on to Beginners/Improvers class where you will be encouraged to work at your own level with exercises to benefit you.

If you need more of a challenge, eventually you could move to the intermediate level.

What can we do for you;

Help reduce and manage your back pain by Strengthening stomach muscles, Improve posture, Increase flexibility and teach you relaxation techniques.

Leading to;
A feeling of well being
Less aches and pains
Feeling less stress
Better concentration

For our Vertical Pilates classes/courses.  Participants can either stand (with or without the help of a chair for balance) or sit on a chair. The benefits will still be gained.