What a challenging time for everyone.

The Covid 19 pandemic has proved to be a very challenging time for everyone.  It has also opened up some opportunities.

Here at Surrey Active Pilates we have taken our classes online with Zoom.

We offer Online Pilates classes, Paracise classes and Total Body Conditioning classes. We also offer one to one sessions or small group Pilates sessions.  Particularly good if you are new to Pilates or you have special requirements.  We can tailor make the session to suit your needs.

People are really enjoying meeting up on Zoom.  It is proving to be a way of connecting with people and members  notice the benefits of being able to continue their exercise sessions in their own home… it saves time.  There is no travelling, you can jump straight into the shower after the session and get on with your day.  It saves money as we can provide classes at a lower cost.  We have fewer overhead and we can be more flexible about when to run classes…

These classes run regularly every week. 

Tues    09.45 – 10.45                                        GENERAL PILATES

Tues    11.30 – 12.15                                            PARACISE

Fri        09.45 – 10.45                                         GENERAL PILATES

Fri        11.30 – 12.15                                            PARACISE

Sat       10.00 – 11.00                                           BODY CONDITIONING FOR ALL                                

We shall also be offering extra classes on an ad hoc basis such as Strength and Stretch and evening Stretch and Relaxation.  Some classes will be free.

1 hour classes are £6 and 45 min classes are £5.

One of the great things about attending classes from in your own home is that you can work completely at your own level….

All classes are taught with exercise options to suit all levels of fitness.

If you are concerned about how to use Zoom we can help you with that too.

Get in touch by email or call for a chat.


07930 553271


My passion for movement began when I was in my teens. When I left school I attended ‘The Laban Centre for Movement and Dance’. This was my first introduction to Pilates in the late 70s.   Since 1989 I have played a major role in the fitness industry teaching a variety of exercise classes and giving fitness advice to individuals to help them reach their goals.

Having had a successful career as a group fitness instructor for many years I decided to go back to my roots and train as a Pilates Instructor with Modern Pilates. I have Level Three qualification in the Teaching of Mat Pilates and have Level 4 Certificate in Exercise for Management of Low Back Pain.  I am a Specialist in the Teaching of Health Related Exercise to seniors and once a week I teach Pilates to a group of people with Multiple Sclerosis.

I continually increase and update my knowledge in all areas of fitness so that I can share this knowledge with my clients.  I do this by attending many different workshops and courses.

I have built a successful business teaching Pilates classes in Reigate and the surrounding area.  After many years working in a variety of health clubs and leisure centres I took the decision to work for myself hiring local halls.  This enables me to control and limit the class numbers.  I can get to know clients and give  individual attention.  This means that people will learn to perform exercises correctly and effectively which means quicker and better results. I am always at hand for any after class advice.  I liaise with individuals physio’s, osteopaths and other specialists.  It also means that members can attend classes that suit their level of ability.   

What Surrey Active Pilates can do for you:

Many things have changed since Joseph Pilates first developed his techniques.

At Surrey Active Pilates we have brought his techniques into the 21st century to enable everyone to benefit from this great form of exercise.  From the very active sports individuals who want to enhance their performance to the very de-conditioned where Pilates can make a big difference to your general well being.

We can help to:
Strengthen and tone tummy muscles, increase flexibility, practice relaxation techniques, address muscle imbalances, understand why and how we do certain exercise

Resulting in:
Reduction of back pain, improved body shape, feeling of well being, less stress, improved breathing, more energy, better sleep.